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Denver, Colorado

About Us

Who are we?

The Peak To Peak Miata Club is an independent organization for local drives, tour rallies, track days, social events, and tech sessions in state of Colorado. If you have not done so already, check our web site for past events to see what we do.

We have been organized since 1993 and currently have about 105 cars in our club. That's nearly 200 Miata nuts! We draw between 15 and 30 cars for each event. Our members cover the spectrum from singles with their first car to empty nesters with a weekend toy. There are cars from nearly every year, from 1990 to this year. Some of us just like touring, while others seem to like working on their cars more than driving them!

There is ample opportunity at each event for discussion of Miata modification, maintenance, and aftermarket parts. Lunch conversation centers around the Miata world, but there are enough friends, partners, and spouses around to make sure it's not "all Miata all the time." There are many interesting personalities and professions represented. You may have to draw us out, but we do have lives beyond our Miatas.

Driving events usually have an interesting destination. Our intention is to make events suitable for whoever is in the passenger seat, as well as the driver. Overnight drives to Taos, Western Slope Wineries, Durango/Silverton, Glenwood Springs, Four Corners, and more are always popular and typically fill up quickly. Group drives are always structured to allow participants to proceed at their own pace, stopping to sight-see, shop or stretch legs as desired.

You don't have to be a member of the club to participate in any event (other than a track day). Just drop by and meet us. The event schedule is posted on our web site, with details about fees (if any) as well as when and where to meet for each event. We are delighted to welcome new members, but do not expect a high pressure sales experience. The club wants enthusiastic Miata owners, not brow beaten victims. The Peak To Peak Miata Club organization is incorporated as a not-for-profit in the state of Colorado. Our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are available for examination. We have a bank. We have a lawyer. We're here to stay.

Early each year, active members meet to devise the event schedule for that year. This schedule is presented to the entire club at a social potluck in March. That is the only business and planning event for the year. Officer elections are every two years at this meeting. The rest of our get togethers are for driving and socializing.

Not a "joiner?" Don't like boring meetings? Don't want to be thumb-screwed into a club office? Ditch the March meeting! Of course, you'll miss one of our famous potlucks. You may come to only one event per year. You might see us at every event. A couple of marriages have resulted from relationships started in the club. Some members have moved on when their growing families forced them into more practical transportation. Other members have added to our rolls by buying Miatas for their kids. And, regrettably, some of our friends have passed away.

When you join, it's because of the car. If you stay, it will be because of your friends. Annual membership dues are $30 per address. Send your snail-mail address, and we will temporarily add you to our membership rolls. That way, you will get event reminder cards in the mail. If you join the club in person, at an event, you won't have to dictate your address to the membership chairperson.