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Craig Gander
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Hi, Peaksters,

Problem: roll bar blocks rear view mirror.  I want to place a wide-angle camera on the back of the roll bar with a TFT monitor taking the place of the existing rea-view mirror.  Have seen offerings from $30 to $300. Does anyone have a recommendation?  Do not want typical 7" monitor that sticks down 4.5 inches.  Would rather have a standard rear view mirror-shaped monitor (somewhat wider OK).  Price not important, but quality is. Wired is fine, as need to run power wires anyway.

Thanks, Craig Gander, Lakewood, '91 BRG

[email protected]

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Craig Gander
Posts: 3

Went with a BOYO VTW73M 7.3-inch rear-view mirror/monitor and an Airysee camera on the back of the roll bar.

View with mirror:

View with monitor on:

Craig Gander

'91 BRG

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Phillip Parker
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Craig, looks like a neat option.  For those considering the OEM camera install using instructions at, I bit the bullet on my 1 month old RF GT.  Ordered from Amayama, arrived in less than a week from Japan, and DIY installed by 1030 am on a Sat morning.  Love being able to see better backing up.

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